(Poem by Kene Anthony)


When I wake up from bed
7am to 7pm can be so overwhelming
I had a smile then lost it in the struggle
I want to thrive but I just survive

I picked up the baton into the race
My role really is probably more difficult
That look on my face is me drowning
To walk on water should I have first learnt to swim?

Life is “survival of the fittest” they said
At the end the fittest thrives
For the weak that rises had a drive
and the strong that won had an edge

“Let the best win”, they motivated
Should I compete when I’m not complete?
Did I fail because you won?
Your victory is suffocating me; change the game

Life is full of stress on a normal
Some rise and some fall as a result
Your storm isn’t strange when you survive
Just drown your frustration and float

When life beats me around in its waves
I’ll not dance to its billows and motion
I’ll dive deeper till peace be still
Beyond surviving I want to thrive, and I will.

©Kene Anthony 2021

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Tribute (Poem by K

Poem by Kene Anthony


When politicians hoard palliatives you complain
Now you’re hoarding accolades, thinking its gain
Why should I mean so much to you in life,
But yet you never said it till in my tribute

If I’ve made you smile, tell me; don’t wait for the tribute
If you gained wisdom from me, tell me; don’t wait for my tribute
Don’t ask my corpse why I left you in this cold world,
When you never told me how warm I made your world

So the couples has been having issues, till he died
I wish he read the tribute; he’ll have a reason to live
When you know how important someone is to you
Why deny their relevance and your dependence

Can we please write the tribute for her to read now?
I think it will help avert the suicide she’s about to do.
Tribute is for the dead, what’s for the living?
Of what importance are sweet words to the dead?

So much thanks and gratitude unexpressed
So much love and affection not shown
So much relevance and importance gagged
The grave must indeed be so rich

If dead bodies could read the tribute written,
The grave would have been empty and dead.
Why write good things about me that you never told me
If I lived without it then leave me dead without it

Nowadays people find it hard to share a facebook post
They don’t want the poster to feel like a hero
So when they read your mind blowing post
They’ll skip the reaction and avoid commenting

If she’s beautiful, tell her; don’t wait for the tribute
If he’s trying, tell him; don’t wait for the tribute
If you appreciate them, tell them don’t wait for the tribute
Stop hoarding, stop muting; start expressing, start distributing

Don’t write in a tribute what in real life didn’t contribute
Dead bodies can’t con any eloquently written tribute
I can’t see your heart, tell me what’s lurking in it
An Ideal tribute is writing what you told me in secret.

©2020 Kene Anthony

Death overrated

Death overrated (Poem by Kene Anthony)

Death is so overrated
If I was death I’ll kill some more
They kill cows when I kill
They’ll wear uniforms when I kill

Death inspires the biggest billboards
Death brings friends & foes together
Fund raising made so very easy
If I were death I’ll kill some more

Have you read the tribute?
Such great words never said.
People never know their value,
Until they are dead and laid.

What more brings sober reflection?
Promt Wisdom to the foolish?
And motivation for days ahead?
If you were death, won’t you kill some more?

Friends that couldn’t cross the street to help you,
Will definitely travel miles to bury you.
It has united families without struggle
Though caused little chaos in some.

Death has triggered blessed memories,
It Creates a past and sets the future
Hey, it’s even the door way to eternity
Death is indeed so overrated

©2020 Kene Anthony
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I’m trying to correct, you’re complaining about my tone
They misunderstand me thinking they understood me.
Whether it tilts to the left or the right path
I drew a picture, emotion coloured it

Express your feelings, speak your own words
Try to communicate, Pass a message
Keep your silence, give an idiom
At the end, it’s a picture, emotion colours it

He said we hurt him, we wonder how exactly
When you give a joke that chokes your audience
When a statement from you leads to a fight
Just know that you’ve painted a picture and emotion coloured it

Good intentions can be interpreted as evil
Smiles can be seen as dreadful
And a reply can be said to be reactive
Because it’s a picture and emotion colours it

Friendship crumble, marriage dissolves
Family separates, personality darkens
Love dissipates and a team breaks up
Because life is a picture and emotion are the colours

Ironically, friendship strengthens, marriage sweetens
Family unites, personality brightens
Love grows and a team bonds even more
Because life is a picture and emotion are the colours

How am I painting the pictures life presents?
How am I painting my reactions and actions?
How am I painting the words I speak and hear?
Because life is a picture and emotion colours it

How am I painting my intentions and motives?
How am I painting my perception and observations?
How am I painting what I see and show?
Everything is a picture and emotion colour everything.

©2020 Kene Anthony

Offstage is a stage.

Offstage is a stage too, dominate your spot.

The Super Eagles were playing, he took a ball and was entertaining the spectators.
He soon had a great audience
NTA featured him on the news.
Offstage is a stage, dominate your spot.

Everyone climbed the stage to dance to the music,
He stayed at his seat and danced his life out.
We turned and the dancers came to watch him.
Offstage is a stage, dominate your spot.

He applied to be a cartoonist,
The Magazine Company kicked him out
Now he has millions viewing his cartoons online.
Offstage is a stage, dominate your spot.

He ran for the Guber,
was ridiculously displaced out of politics.
He’s running an NGO with his funds and saving lives in real time.
Offstage is a stage, dominate your spot.

There’s no vacancy at the school,
So they made him an office clerk.
Every student meet him for tutorials in Further Maths at the Admin block.
Offstage is a stage, dominate your spot.

He was an ‘ordinary’ church member; one day the pastor visited him,
Only to find a long queue of church members waiting for counseling & deliverance
from the ‘ordinary’ church member.
Offstage is a stage, dominate your spot.

If life places you off the spotlights,
Make where you stand your stage.
Dominate your spot.
Offstage is a stage too.

©2020 Kene Anthony

Offstage is a stage by KENE ANTHONY


THE ANGRY KINGStory by Kene Anthony
Sometimes ago there lived a happy king. This king wanted to be the greatest king that lived, so he decided to visit some kings in their kingdoms to learn from them what he can do to be a great king. After the whole visit and tour he returned back to his kingdom.
The queen asked him “so what have you learnt that can make you a great king?” the king answered with a smile “I’ll be an angry king”.
And from that day the king decided to be a very, very, very, very, very angry king; he thought to himself, everyone will respect and obey me if I was more hard and tough and angry.
So he always got mad at everybody, every time over everything everywhere, even when there was no need to get angry, he got really angry. When he was supposed to smile, he got angry; when he was supposed to laugh, he got angry, when he was happy, he got angry; and when he was angry, he got really, really angry.
Soon the whole kingdom shivered at their king’s anger, from the queen to the peasants. They began to fear the angry king. The king became happy that people now feared him; indeed he’ll be a great king he thought to himself.
One day he sent his soldiers to battle and they came back wounded and scared. It was obvious that they had lost the battle. The king got angry and shouted at them and slapped and kicked them. He sent them out to battle again and they lost again. This time he became very angry, he slapped and kicked and shouted at the top of his voice; every day he repeated this vexation until the soldiers could not bear it anymore, so they decided to leave the kingdom at night, to other kingdoms.
By morning when the king came to his palace, he saw no security guard. He got angry;
“Where are the guards & soldiers?” he shouted at the servants. He won’t even allow them answer, he began slapping and kicking and shouting at the servants repeatedly till they could not bear it any longer, so the servants fearfully decided to leave the palace at night.
By then the kingdom was already in panic because the news had circulated that there was no single soldier left in the city, it was obvious that they’ve all abandoned the king.
By morning the king came into his palace, no soldiers, no servant. Which means no breakfast, he became angry, and turned to his wise men and elders.
“Where are my servants?” He asked them with an angry tone.
“We have not seen any servant since we came into the palace this morning” they answered.
Now this made the king seriously angry he slapped and kicked and shouted at the wise man.
“Where are my servants? He angrily shouted repeatedly at them and he won’t even allow them answer. He kept slapping them and shouting and throwing things at them angrily. By the time he was tired, all the wise men had incurred injuries all over their body and ran for their lives.
The wise men as well left the kingdom and deserted the king, each of them went their way to other cities.
When the king woke up the next morning, no soldiers, no servants, no wise men; the palace was empty.
He asked the queen, “where is everybody?” the queen frowned and did not answer. She wasn’t happy about how the king treated everybody so she never said a word to him.
The king became angry and bounced on the queen and kicked and slapped her till she ran off.
By now the king was the only one in the palace; all by himself with no one to be angry at; No soldiers, no servants, no wise-men, no queen, just him in the palace all by himself.
When the king got really hungry and also tired of boredom in his lonely palace he walked outside the palace to know where everybody went. By the time he opened the palace door he didn’t see anybody in front of the palace, he took a walk around the city and realised there was no one on the streets.
Soon he realized that, not only was he alone in the palace, but he was alone in the whole city. Everyone had left and deserted the angry king, from the queen to the peasant. The city was empty. And just then the king realized that being an angry king can’t make him a great king.Lesson to learn:
Don’t be hot tempered, you need people around you. Controlling your temper shows strength not weakness.

Why the giraffe has a long neck.


(Story by Kene Anthony)

Long time ago the Giraffe use to have a short neck. One day it went to the forest to play with its friend; the Orangutan. While they were playing the Orangutan saw a very beautiful tree with nice looking fruits. It hopped on the tree, began to eat the fruits. “Hmm, this fruit is so delicious, you should climb and try it out Giraffe” said the Orangutan. The Giraffe was not a tree climber, but it tried to climb the tree and couldn’t; it jumped and jumped but couldn’t reach any fruit. “I can’t reach any fruit” shouted the Giraffe. “Well, jump higher then; if you really want to taste it”. The giraffe kept stretching and jumping but it could not reach the sweet fruit. When the Orangutan had its fill of the fruit, it came down and told the Giraffe “don’t worry my friend, if you keep trying you’ll get it”. The Giraffe went home sad.

The next day while the Giraffe was on its own, it remembered the tree and quickly ran all by itself to the forest. Looking at the fruit alone made its mouth salivate. So “Pup”! The Giraffe jumped and stretched all day but couldn’t get to the fruit. The Giraffe went home very sad that day, it wouldn’t tell anyone of its failure or about the new fruit they found.

One day while it was jumping and stretching it realized that its mouth was touching the fruit… “Ha!! I can reach the fruit even without jumping too high and it’s really delicious” said the Giraffe excitedly. The Giraffes neck was growing due to the stretching.

The next time the Giraffe and the Orangutan went to the tree, the Orangutan was amazed that the Giraffe could reach the fruit even without jumping. “How did you do that?” asked the Orangutan. The Giraffe smiled and answered “I just kept jumping and stretching, and now am eating the delicious fruit too; it paid not to give up”.

Lesson to learn:
Never give up, aim high and practice to be the best. Make friends with those that would make your life better not bitter. Adopt to habits that will improve you and help you reach your goal.

The Five Scar General


The Five Scar General

(Poem by Kene Anthony)

Swords clashing, guns firing
Bombs exploding, blood spilling
Life is a war, its not for the weak
If you are still alive then you keep fighting

Throats slashed, spears plunged
Hearts thorn, cuts bleeding
Life is full of wounds, its not for the fragile
Till the smoke settles you just keep thriving

Till silence comes, till I breath fresh air
When I soar, wounded but survived;
Life’s experiences cuts deep into your skin
Scars are the evidence that I survived

The more the scars, the more the medals
The more the pain, the more I can bear
When you stand they see the Five Star General
But you know better, You are a Five Scar General

Buildings that stand high & tall, went deep down
I embrace my scars & pain, one more and I’m better
My weakness made me fall, my falling made me strong
When you fall they’ll laugh, stand up they’ll clap

Your past should make you better cos wounds birth wisdom
If life wants to suffocate you learn to hold your breath longer
Mistakes and errors that you can’t hide are scars
Your scars shows me what you overcame.

©Kene Anthony



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I was doing fine in my comfort zone,
I never wanted to compromise,
Achieving my lows wasn’t bad,
As for my highs, she made me do it.

My pace in the race was great,
I was toping the competition,
She came up with a trending speed to overtake,
I broke my speed limit, she made me do it.

She came in, I missed my cycle,
That’s how she made me pregnant;
Now you’ll see me with great vision,
Birthing my dreams and hitting targets with precision.

She’s the lady with a dream,
She can motivate you beyond your expectations.
She’s not the weak that you give your strength to,
She’s another strength that can make you do it.

Some help in your success then follow behind,
Others wait till you succeed then follow behind.
Many a woman I’ve seen with great drive,
And they’ll unfailingly drive you to greatness.

©2018 Kene Anthony

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What do you call a person that though you hardly meet yet has influence over your life?
What do you call a girl that though you hardly met yet you feel so much love from her?
What do you call an impact that was made without a touch?
It’s like getting so much stuff into your phone without any USB connection. LOL

From Infrared to Bluetooth to Xender
I’ll still stick to Bluetooth, cos every appliance now has it
And for the records, I’ll still make Bluetooth my Wi-Fi
It’s a great way to participate in the life of those on your radar

Now, in English; you can influence a person without any contact
You can change a life without any physical presence
You can give hope to someone a continent away
So many invisible connections awaiting the content you’re made up of

Whether you are posting, writing, uploading, texting, saying, creating and more
Be sure that your life is influencing someone out there in any way
Don’t release your toxic or choking life through the connection
Cos you never know who is in your radar downloading a life.

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